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Hello and Welcome!

I am so glad, you are here! My name is Gelena Gorelik. I am a Certified Strategic Intervention Coach.

Your Health, Wealth, and Happiness are my mission.

I truly enjoy working as a happiness coach, helping people like you rekindle passion in your life, redefine your life's purpose, and heal your relationships.

I have received my training as a  Strategic Intervention Coach from Robbins-Madanes Training Program, in order to help people like you find their way to harmony, peace, and happiness, while moving through life's challenging transitions.

Holding my Masters degree in Nutrition Science and Endocrinology from UC Davis,  I have been working for many years as a successful educator, teaching at Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts. Prior to that, I have worked as  Clinical Dietitian at San Jose Medical Center. I have enjoyed working with my students and patients on improving their quality of life, bringing them to the next level of achievement and personal success.

I am a Registered Dietitian, a Reiki Practitioner, and a Professional Life Coach.

I have served as a speaker at multiple National and State Conferences for Health Education Schools.

Today, I bring my experience and expertise into my Strategic Intervention Coaching with my clients, while customizing each session to my client's needs.

My purpose is to work with you as a team using new tools and strategies to help you achieve your desired goals in your personal live, relationships with your loved ones, professional career, and more.

I am looking forward to speaking with you in person soon...

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Here I was presenting at a State Conference for California Association of Private Postsecondary Schools

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At the ABHES National Conference

Accrediting Bureau for Health Education Schools

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Q & A

QUESTION:  Do you see clients only in the specific Geographic location, such as the California Bay Area?

ANSWER: My client base is not limited to any Geographic location. In fact, it does not matter where my clients come from, as long as we can speak the same language and can connect on the Internet.

Q & A

QUESTION:  What is your coaching method?

ANSWER: Over the years, I have developed my own coaching style: I integrate the strategies and tools I have learned from my training I received at the Institute for Strategic Intervention with the Guided Imagery and Visualization, as well as some energy work. Of course, each client requires a very specific approach, so there is no cookie-cutter  method used for everyone. Each client gets a set of sessions catered to their specific situation and needs.

QUESTION:  How do you meet with your clients?

ANSWER: We use the modern technology to schedule our sessions and meet. My clients are not expected to travel anywhere for our coaching sessions. Instead, we meet online, using Zoom Meeting platform (or similar platforms) for sessions to include video calls, so my clients and I could see each other on camera. It is important for the video component to take place to monitor body language, facial expressions, and other important modes of non-verbal  communication.

QUESTION:  Do you have a coaching specialty? If yes, what is it?

ANSWER:  My special interest is in parent-child relationships. Being a parent of an ADHD teenager, I have a personal interest in  coaching other parents of ADHD children and spirited teens. However, relationships, in general, are of great interest to me as a coach. I love working on any relationship dynamics. Your interaction with another person can change your emotional state in an instant, which is fascinating. I love seeing people's relationships prosper, as that meets a multitude of our needs on many levels!

QUESTION:  Do both partners/parties need to be present for relationship coaching?

ANSWER:  Not always and not necessarily. Often times, we start working with one partner, and the change generated by one of the relationship partners/sides can shift the relationship dynamic enough to make enough difference. Sometimes, the other party would voluntarily join the coaching sessions, as they start seeing the progress in the relationship, simply from the coached party getting results.

QUESTION:  How do we start?

ANSWER:  The best way to start is to text me a request to schedule a Clarity or Discovery session (it's free), so I can learn about you and you can learn more about my coaching. Then we meet via a Zoom meeting and once a positive rapport is established, we decide on the best possible plan of action for you. At the end of this Clarity session, I will propose to you a package that fits your needs the best.

Now, let me learn about YOU!

Call or Text me at 408-398-9739


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Send me an email about YOU!