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Elevate      Empower     Achieve

We all need a little guidance sometimes...

Do you feel like you are at the crossroads in your personal life or career?

Don't know which way to go? Feeling burned out, fatigue, or lost in your current professional career? Or, perhaps, you cannot decide whether to stay with your current life partner or move on, and now you need some strategies to understand yourself better? Let's sort it out together and help you find a new way, which, perhaps, you have not seen before.

Are you going through a challenging life stage transition?

Whether it's transitioning from being a single adult to dating, to a young couple with children, or going through divorce, dating again, raising teenagers, or sending your kids off to college, or transitioning toward retirement, these changes cannot be easy. Let's go through these transitions in life stages together, as we redefine your new life purpose and meaning.

Struggling with your teenager?

Many parents of teens, especially those with special needs, learning difficulties, attention deficit, and other challenges need extra support and understanding. With Bay Area Happiness Coach as your helping hand, you can heal the relationship with your teenager and bring harmony and balance back into your home life.

Do you wish to ...

    rekindle your passion?

    mend your relationships with your family?

    resolve your inner conflict?

    rediscover your life's purpose?

    restore your physical health and wellness?

Let's reinvent and redefine the new, healthier, and happier YOU!

Bay Area Happiness Coach Mission

As Your Happiness Coach, my mission is to ELEVATE and EMPOWER You, so You can ACHIEVE Your desired goals in Your wellness, personal life, professional career, and intimate relationships.

My specialty is helping You heal Yourself and heal Your relationships, while guiding You through challenging life transitions to a better, happier, and healthier YOU.

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What are you waiting for? Life is too short!

What are you waiting for? Life is too short!

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